Who I Am

This captivating photo series delves deep into the realm of menstruation, uncovering the myriad experiences women encounter during this natural biological process. It fearlessly confronts the prevailing taboo that shrouds open discussions about menstruation in public, bringing to light the urgent need for a more open and inclusive dialogue.

Wild Swimmers

Wild Swimmers portrays women who swim in Scottish waters. The series explores why they swim and what they get out of it. Often, body positivity, mental well-being and exhilaration attract these women to the sport.

A Walk in the Park

Throughout this series, Farmer explores the experiences of women’s cautious nighttime strolls. She touches on the shared understanding that is carried on, from mother to daughter, to stay alert, not to talk to strangers and to stick to the light where we are most visable.

Love Me

An emotional representation of Farmer’s experience as a queer woman. Vast self-portraits explore Farmer’s innermost feelings of rejection, lack of acceptance from loved ones and the journey of dating as a queer woman. This self-portait series acts as an outlet for Farmer’s own feelings but also stands as a body of work that is deeply relatable and emotive to those that have experienced similar feelings.

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