Love Me

Love Me: Series.

An emotional representation of Farmer’s experiences as a queer woman. Vast self-portraits explore Farmer’s innermost feelings of rejection, lack of acceptance from loved ones and the journey of dating as a queer woman. This self-portrait series acts as an outlet for Farmer’s own feelings but also stands as a body of work that is deeply relatable and emotive to those that have experienced similar feelings.


Pt 2

Love Me: Book.

Online dating provides us with two choices – to swipe left or right. Love Me: Book, allows exhibition goers the opportunity to continue to swipe but instead with the flicking of a physical page. Unlike dating apps, where individuals have the ability to use forms of deception in order to increase their chances of finding meaningful connections, ‘Love Me: Book’ presents thirty single individuals, all shot in a neutral and uniform style. This participant led installation allows for a confronting experience of rejection from both perspectives, that will grow throughout the duration of the exhibition. Farmer invites you to tear the page of the individual you feel the least connection to.

Love Me, 2022.


Free Range 2022

23rd – 26th June 2022

The Truman Brewery, Brick Lane


E1 6QR